Microbial plate


The Kentucky Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (KSCLS) is the Kentucky Chapter of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). Kentucky is one of four states in ASCLS Region IV, which also includes Indiana, Michigan, & Ohio. Our Purpose is to promote higher standards in clinical laboratory methods and research, to elevate the status of those specializing in medical laboratory techniques, and to create cooperation among medical technologists and all others who are employed in the interests of individual and public health. The Mission of ASCLS is to promote the profession of clinical laboratory science and provide beneficial services to those who practice it. To enable its members to provide quality services for all consumers, the society is committed to the quest for excellence in all its activities.

Posted 04/30/2013 - Updated KSCLS Bylaws

At the 2013 KSLCS Spring meeting, Article X of the KSCLS Bylaws was approved for inclusion of the new professional as part of the ASCLS representatives.

2013 KSCLS Bylaws