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There are many reasons to join KSCLS/ASCLS. The following are just a few of those reasons.

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Membership Categories

Professional I- $99 (plus $10 state dues)
Includes basic benefits plus the Clinical Laboratory Science journal.

Professional II - $78 (plus $10 state dues)
Includes basic benefits only.

Collaborative (Non-voting Privileges) - $45
Available to any individual who currently hold membership in any other health related national organization and has never been a member of ASCLS.

First Year Professional - $45 (plus $10 state dues)
Open to persons who have graduated within the last twelve months from an accredited program in laboratory science. This status is valid for one year, after which members are upgraded to Professional membership.

Student - $25 (plus $2 state dues)
Open to persons enrolled in a structure program of training in clinical laboratory science or to full-time graduate students in related science area.

Governance Documents

We are happy to share with you both the KSCLS By-Laws and the KSCLS Articles of Incorporation.