Ruth Robinette Loan Fund

Applicants shall have completed prerequisites for, and shall have been accepted for enrollment in, an approved (NAACLS) program in Kentucky in a Technical College (MLT) program, the second year of an associate degree program for Clinical Laboratory Technicians (CLT) or the final year of a Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) program.

Applicants may return the completed KSCLS Application Form for Loans to the Scholarship and Loan Committee Chairman at the address below:

C/O Dan Golemboski
Bellarmine University
Lansing School of Nursing & Health Sciences
Pasteur 108, 2001 Newburg Road
Louisville, KY 40205

The application will be considered and voted upon by the members of the Student Loan Committee. Upon the recommendation of the majority of the Committee and with the approval of the KSCLS Board of Directors, loans will be made for stated amounts.

Loans will be made on the basis of needs and evidence supporting the likelihood of an applicant to complete the program in which enrolled. The loan amount will be determined by the applicant's need and the availability of funds for this purpose. The maximum loan shall be $500.00.

A written repayment agreement must be signed by the recipient upon receipt of a loan and will be retained by the KSCLS treasurer. The full amount of the loan will be repayable within one year to date of completion of the program in which enrolled. The loan will be interest free.

A progress report will be requested from the Education Coordinator or Program Director of the program at midyear. If the recipient withdraws of fails to successfully meet the requirements of the school, the loan shall become repayable immediately.